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Relocation of house or office or vehicle can be made hassle-free by proper planning and selecting appropriate packers and movers in bangalore, especially if you are moving to a metro-city. It will be an immense stress-relief if you find a pertinent relocation service that can arrange and pack all the possessions from a pen to the refrigerator to cars and all methodically and professionally. In metro cities like Bangalore, every single person is engaged with their work and life, so while relocation it will be a hassle to shift your stuff alone. Packers and movers Bangalore play a crucial role here. There is a lot of Bangalore packers and movers available in every region, eg: transit packers and movers in Bangalore which provide excellent shifting services. So the next hurdle is about finding the best service providers from the available options. Packers and movers service are not only available in the cities, but also every nook and corner. Transit Packers and Movers Bangalore is one of the best house shifting service providers in the city. These professional packers and movers will help you to pack every single household or office items with ease. Then they transport it to the destination and also help in unpacking and rearranging the possessions at the destination. Since you have to hand over all your precious belongings to the packers and movers Bangalore, you should be very careful with the selection of service providers Are you looking for the most reliable and secured movers and packers from Bangalore? If yes, here at the team at Transit packers and movers can help you with their most secure and dependable services. With the help of the services at Transit packers, you can stay free related to all your worries in terms of moving or packing

Some key tips to remember while relocating

  • Share the complete and exact address with the packers and movers Bangalore.
  • Make a checklist of the items you are shifting and make sure that every useful item is got packed.
  • Make another list of delicate items which has to be taken extra care of and share the list to the staffs of packers and movers service.
  • De-clutter the unwanted items to make it cost-effective. While relocating we might not need all the stuff to be packed and get shifted.
  • Selection of shifting date is also an important aspect. If you are not in a hurry, you can check for the date or month in which the relocation service charge gets lowered.
  • Discuss the moving route with packers and movers service staffs. This will be helpful to avoid haphazard on the way.
  • Try to pack the electronic goods in its original boxes. Using regular cartons to pack electronic devices may lead to damage.
  • There are certain items that you should pack by yourself. Such as clothes, jewellery, shoes, cosmetics, decorative items etc.
  • Take all your documents and certificates in separate files or handbag.
  • Defrost and clean your refrigerator before packing it.

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List Services Provided by Best Packers and movers in Bangalore

1.Safe Home Moving services in Bangalore:

Reputed Packers and movers take care of packaging of all your goods be it home or office and then help you in transit insurance and have the goods unpacked at your destination as well.

Under Safe Moving Services, We Deliver Uncompromising Service which is truly unmatchable with any of our competitors

  • Safe Packing
  • In Safe packing, all your items would be Safely packed by the professional movers and packers in bangalore who manage it by ensuring they pack your items to avoid damage

  • Full Packing
  • In this type Service all your house hold items will packed by the movers and packers Bangalore location, so as to make sure while you are moving across the city you can be relaxed as all your items are fully packed their by avoiding a risk to damage of your goods

  • Closed truck Moving
  • Transit Movers and packers in bangalore area offer various type of moving and one of them is Closed truck moves, in this service the trucks used will be closed so as to protect once goods from rain or any other type of weather conditions prevail during a move

  • Dedicated Moving
  • The plus point with taking up a service from a reputed company such as Transit Movers and packers is that it also offers dedicated Moving meaning the truck and the staff would be dedicated to the customer as per the client wish and time schedules so as to be flexible in accordance with its customers

  • Flexible Moving
  • Unique packers and moving company like Transit packers and movers offer felxible services such flexible moving, which is purely customer oriented with things like time,truck and packing will be choosen by customer and client will be the utlimate decision maker with respect to what his requirement would be and tranit will fecilitate such as moves safely

  • packers and movers charges
  • Charges for moving would be dependent on the type of the house such as 1bhk,2bhk or more than 3bhk and number of items would be taken into consideration with distance between current and destination location to arrive at a price or charges for the moving

  • GST rates for packers and movers
  • Note: The movers and packers in bangalore might include GST rates as per the Income tax regulation goverment of India

  • local packers and movers in bangalore
  • Movers and packers are of many types such as local movers and packers in bangalore, Bangalore movers and packers or house shifting in bangalore categories, these type of services would be offering excellent relocation services in bangalore, As transit movers and packers are present all over the globe they are available anywhere or at a place where you can search them via google search term such as packers and movers near me

  • Top 5 Moving hacks
  • By hiring Transit packers and movers the movers company will be sharing with you the top 5 hacks, which is a tried and tested exercise while moving with movers and packers bangalore, The advantage are you can save your time and money when you Implement these moving solutions while you make a move with our team, comtact us to know more about the top 5 hacks while moving with our advisor

    We are not only just moving and packing services provider, and we are apart from this. We love to place your goods at your desired location within time. We are the leading and No. 1 packers and movers services, provider. We make sure that you will feel stress-free after you will have our services. We ensure that you will not pick any of your heavy-weight material

    2.Professional Movers and packers in Bangalore

    Packers and movers who are professional with respect to handling and moving your household goods have a checklist with them right from giving you a quotation for your moving to packing,loading,unloading and unpacking and rearrangement of your household goods at your new home

    Benefits of choosing our packing and moving services

    Time-Saving:The most significant advantage of having our packing and moving services is that they are entirely time-saving. We will help you in saving your time, and you can perform any other work while we are delivering your packing and moving tasks

    3.Corporate relocations for your offices

    Office movers ensure that your goods are Insured before it moves from source to destination and also make sure all the office goods are unpacked and rearranged in a timely manner as well.

    Special attention to breakable material

    While you are moving from your existing house/office, then you can get your item broke. But while you have services from us, then we make sure that all of your goods can be handled safely or securely to prevent damage

    4.Pet relocation services

    Good Packers and movers ensure the safety of the pet while in transit and ensure that the pets are moved with all the necessary pet moving equipment like box or crates with appropriate space for the pet also carry pet food while on move.

    5.Fine art moving services

    As packers and movers will have expertise in moving any art related item such as painting or antique items, they would ensure to use the safe packaging so that while moving the precious things the item remains safe.

    6.Packing and Moving Services

    Any goods either home or office needs proper care for while moving from source to destination that Is the reason packers and movers use recommended packing materials such as corrugated sheets. Thin films or bubble sheets before making move.

    Unpacking and rearrangement services at your new home

    Professional in field of Packers and movers always ensure to provide post moving services where they have your packed goods unpacked and also move the heavy stuff which require skilled manpower to have the items rearranged in order so that you settle at your new home with ease

    Packers and movers in Bangalore:

    Bangalore being the hub of IT and also called with many other names such as IT capital of India, Garden city, floating population are common sight people are looking for a professional packers and movers services. That’s why we are here Transit World Packers and movers ensure we provide the best in class professional packing and moving services for home and office

    House Shifting Services

    Trusted House shifting services are just a call away from you

    We are professionally trained and deals in offering all the trusted house shifting services. Bangalore packers and movers offer the best and reliable loading and unloading services while keeping all your concerns in our minds. We know which of the household items requires intensive care, and we offer the best house shifting services accordingly. We ensure to protect all your material, and we first pack all your material and then perform all the work related to packing with complete safety. We also make sure that all the goods are arranged and unloaded safely. We offer the best packages for the house shifting services, which make our customers in saving their time and money on house shifting services

    Why choose our Home Shifting services why?

    Best transport vehicles available: Also bangalore packers and movers depending on the requirements of the customers, have the best transport vehicles available along with us. Whether you are the bulk quantity of household, which need to be shifted, we have all the best transport facilities available along with us. We aim to give 100% satisfaction to our customers while having their budget and their expectations in our minds. Skilled Services: We at Transit Packers are aware of all your expectations, and we know that you always want to have specialized services. But you do not get worried as we are still here to offer you the best services. Free estimation: We also offer free estimation services to our customers. So that they have an idea about how much they have to spend on our services. It also helps them in planning their budget accordingly. Available all across Bangalore: Our services are accessible all across Bangalore. So, whether you want to shift to and from the outskirts of Bangalore our services will be always beneficial for you So, now you think about any other services provider, while the team of the transit Packers is here to offer you unique services

    Corporate Shifting Services

    Get the best assistance related to the corporate shifting services

    At Transit Packers, you will get comprehensive shifting services. We are the one who have started their business many years ago, and today we have extensive experience in handling all the corporate shifting services. We are a reasonable, reputable, and very-much responsive corporate shifting services, provider. Avail the advantage from Secure and 100% Genuine Services provider We are secure as well as a genuine services provider, and we have a great name within the area around Bangalore. We are available all the time to deliver amazing services. We let you in making your office relocation work stress, time-saving, and comfortable. We know how much critical are your systems, your desks, your chairs, and other things to you; therefore, we love offering the best services to you. We deal in

    Local office corporate relocation services

    Are you looking for the local corporate relocation services? If yes, then here, along with our transit packer’s services can help you out. If you are seeking to transfer from big office or the small one, or from small to the big one, our services are always the best choice for you

    Long distance corporate relocation services

    Are you going to transfer your office at a long distance from Bangalore, then we are available most of the times to help our customers

    Relocating services

    All the complex and small relocation services are just a call away from you Request an online visit from the team of the transit packers right now. We are having the team who will be available to you on time to give an extraordinary service. We offer hassle-free experience of relocation to our clients and we are the perfect solution to all of your relocation needs

    Best choice for large as well as small-scale business owners

    We are the best choice for all the entire small-scale as well as large scale business owners. Our services are available at the best price. And from us, our customer can get the unique experience of relocation. Though, we have started our business few years ago, but today we have a great name in terms of the relocation services

    Resolve all your mobility issues with our relocation services We are the partner along with around hundreds of companies and we believe in fulfilling their desires in terms of the relocation. We love working along with such clients and fulfilling their expectations related to that as well

    Why choose us?

    Easily accessible: We make sure that all of our customers can grab our services easily. We are available on multiple platforms so, that our customers can have the advantage from our services. Whether it is Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or any other we are available most of the time. So, that they can always have our services

    Expert services

    We are the industry top-rated and experienced services provider. We know how to perform all the loading, unloading, packing and unpacking services. So, that they will no need to any other services provider to have the services

    Affordable services

    We have affordable plans for our services. It make sure that every person or business owner can have the advantage from our amazing relocation services. Protect family and belongings: Protecting families as well as belongings is our biggest concern. As while offering the services damages and accidents are quite common, but while you are having our amazing services, you can stay free from such problems.

    Home Moving Shifting Process and Complete Checklist

    Home Moving can be a tedious job if not planned properly and if you are not able to identify to hire the right packers and movers in Bangalore. Hence we have first categorized the process into two parts:

    • Pre Move Services
    • Post Move Services

    Pre Move Services:

    1.Survey of your home: The packers and movers would conduct a survey at your home to make a checklist of what are the things that you are planning to move and also he would suggest what item would need packing and what can be moved without packing.

    2.Quotation/Get a Quote: Based on the Survey conducted the packers and movers would provide you a written Quote which will Include the checklist of items that would need to be moved and the price for the entire moving.

    Post Move Services:

    1.Unpacking: Goods that would be packed needs careful unpacking by the moving experts themselves else there are chances of damages, any professional packers and movers in Bangalore would ensure to have the goods unpacked in a safe way

    2.Rearrangment: Once the goods are unpacked the Major Items which can be heavy to move would always have a packers and movers rearrange the stuff after moving so that one will have a great moving experience

    Checklist while moving your home or office

    • List of Items that are Included in the Moving plan
    • Deposited all your valuables and documents in a Safety Locker
    • Ensure to declutter the unwanted stuff
    • Hiring the Packers and Movers atleast 10 to 12 days in advance
    • Ensure the new home to be Cleaned and sanitized for a Healthy Living
    • Dis-assembling and assembling of your wooden furniture’s
    • To Provide Proper address with Landmark for the Packers and movers for easy navigation
    • Ensuring to reach the new place on time to settle as quickly as possible
    • Hand over or Disposing of the carton boxes and packing materials
    • Lastly to have a great moving experience

    Top 5 things one should do before moving your home

    • School Transfer Certificate for Kids: Ensure maintain a document kit one for your school documents the other for the bank related.
    • Bills paid up to date: Ensure all the bills like water and electricity are paid up, so that you close all the formalities and don’t owe anything before you move to new place
    • Sanitization of your new home: Considering any sort of pandemic like Corona Virus or the Covid-19 its always safe to have the new home sanitized or deep cleaned before the Move
    • Closure of Rental agreement contracts: Check with your current house owner to have the contracts closed before the Move
    • Status of your advance refund: Check with your current owner for a refund of the advance money that you gave has a security deposit
    • Lastly to have a Happy moving experience

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q : Why should you choose Transit Packers and Movers in Bangalore?

    Answer: Transit packers and Movers is a well known and highly reliable name in the movers packers segment. We have a highly trained staff for packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and transportation of goods. We use the most safe and secure packaging material and containers so as to ensure the safety of the items that are being moved.

    Q : How can I collect more information about the packers and movers bangalore?

    The enquiry can be made in our website which is the official website of Transit world packers and movers With this, you'll also realize the work of the corporate on the idea of reviews and ratings provided at Transitpackers.com.

    Q : What about Packers and Movers Service in Bangalore?

    When most of the people consider moving their household, they instantly feel the dread of packing and unpacking their belongings, in any case how well and safely your items reach the new location depends on how well wrapped and packed they were at the old location. Letting Transit Packers and movers bangalore, your belongings not only saves you time but also ensures your fragile items are packed properly to stop damage.

    Q : How is the cost calculated for packers and movers?

    The cost of road freight shipments are supported the entire volume of your goods. this is often calculated by multiplying the length, breadth and height of the things to offer a complete volume in cubic feet.
    Your Relocation Consultant are going to be ready to accurately measure your goods at the time of the in-home consultation and supply a relocation quotation supported this measurement.

    Q : Who are Packers and Movers?

    A team of Moving experts who are skilled to handle household goods or office goods, versatile in packing and transporting to from point a to point b safely.

    Q : Why should you hire packers and movers?

    The Prime reason to hire a Packers and movers is to make your home moving experience totally hassle free as moving yourself will invite unwanted risk such as damages to your goods or not enough man power to move the heavy items.

    Q : When to Hire Packers and Movers?

    Whenever there is a need to move home or office goods, or any requirement to move few or more goods which require skilled man power and proper care while moving, and to make sure you are moving the goods safely, to avoid stress or hassle of moving all by yourself.

    How much do packers and movers charge

    Depending on the type of move small,medium large home or office the price would vary.

    Only Few items 4000-5000 Rs Eg: few boxes , 1 bed
    1BHK 5000-7000
    2BHK 7000- 9000
    3BHK 9000 & above

    Note: Above price are indicative and actual moving cost only on survey and price are for dedicate moving services only. Bike or two wheeler moving service charges from Bangalore –Rs.5000 – Rs.6500 depending on the bike make and model. The cost is inclusive of Packing and door to door delivery within city limits.

    Q : What are packers and movers Services?

    Packers and movers are a group of skilled professionals who are very well equipped with all the qualities to Move your home or offices like an expert, talk to us to know more

    Q : How to Choose the Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore

    Hiring a Packers and movers is a big challenge as there is a lot of low-quality service provider who is operating under the big names in the packers and movers category, so do the right thing the very first time itself, some of the points on factors to be aware while selecting packers and movers are covered here, Reach us to know more

    Q : Is it worth to choose cheap and best packers and movers bangalore

    Yes and no, we need to always cross check if the cheap quoting packers and movers are also providing the quality along with the best price, if not it is not at all woerth and not recommended for the safety of one's household goods

    Note:Price is just for reference purpose it can vary from home to home, Please check with Transit World packers and movers for further details.




    House Shifting


    Corporate Shifting


    Years Experience


    Keep all your valuables under your possession (Cash,Jewels)


    Clear the Refrigerator in advance as it helps in any spill over while moving

    Make a note

    Make a note of the stuff that you need proper care while our people arrive


    Share complete address of your new home


    Check if you don’t leave over the stuff at your old home


    Keep Kitchen Items separate for the Packers


    Let the Packers and movers know the distance between elevator/Stairs till your home at both places in advance

    High Life

    High Life narwhal, banh mi PBR single-origin coffee Odd Future actually aliquaLet the Packers and movers know if they need to use the Ropes incase if stairs are narrow

    Our Services

    Packers and Movers in Bangalore

    Local Home & Office Relocation Service

    Are you looking to move locally within the city, then you are here at the right place where our professionals are trained on the shifting process.

    Residential shifting: Moving your home might be stressful and you are always searching for the trusted packers and movers, to search a moving company who can handle your stuff with utmost care can be challenging, that’s the reason we are here.

    Packers and Movers Bangalore

    Domestic Relocation Service

    To Ensure your goods reach the destination safely our domestic and Inter city packers and movers Bangalore team will help you shift your goods from origin to destination.

    Best Packers and Movers Bangalore

    International Relocation Service

    if you are planning to move abroad we are here to move your world with you, be it few items or entire home, we can have it delivered which ever part of the world

    Relocating Services in Bangalore

    Corporate Relocation Service

    Our dedicated corporate move managers will help you relocate your offices with ease and utmost professionalism we understand your requirement when its an office move

    Relocation services in Bangalore

    Home Cleaning Services

    If you are looking for hire a Home cleaning Services Bangalore,you are here at the Right place, our professional Home cleaning staff will ensure to remove all the dirt and unwanted clutter in your Home to ensure you have a lovely Clean and neat Home.

    Corporate shifting in Bangalore

    Pest Control Services

    As part of hygiene and cleanliness, we also offer Pest Control Services as its critical to ensure you have pest free Home, Be it Cockroach issue or Termite issue or any kind of Pest Services we are here to help you.

    Get in touch now to get quick information on your relocation and shifting services for your desired location and date.

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